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【Concept of Investment】 The future investment is "Sustainability (SDGS)" is a keyword. Select ESG investment! !

It is Goro practicing Buffett's "Focus investment".

Well, today is "About the idea of investment".

The purpose of the voyage of "investment pirate goro" is to establish financial freedom,
It is to find the treasure "SDGS" that you have not seen yet from this world.

What on earth is "SDGS"?

Is "SGDS" worthwhile enough to bet this life and go out on a dangerous voyage?

I wrote an article thought that everyone would wonder.

Today Gorrow is sailing the sea of the world as the captain of the "Million Dollar".




What is "SGDs" ?



In September 2015, the United Nations set economic development goals to change our world.

It is an international goal that expires in 2030 and was adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 called SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

"Leave no one behind"

The prime minister of more than 150 countries gathered and adopted the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" to change our world:

SDGS consists of 17 goals.


SDGS Sustainable Development Goals 17 List


1. SDGS will end all forms of poverty everywhere.

2. SDGS will end hunger, realize food security and nutritional improvement, promote sustainable agriculture.

3. SDGS secures a healthy life for all people of all ages and promotes welfare.

4. SDGS will provide inclusive and fair high quality education to all people and promote lifelong learning opportunities.

5. SDGS will achieve gender equality and strengthen the capacity of all women and girls.

6. SGDS ensure water and sanitation availability and sustainable management of all people.

7. SGDS ensures access to all people's cheap and reliable sustainable modern energy.

8. SGDS promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth and full and productive employment of all people and recreational human employment (decent work).

9. SGDS aims to build strong resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and promote innovation.

10. SGDS will rectify inequality among each country and each country.

11. SGDS realizes sustainable urban and human settlement with inclusive, safe and strong (resilient).

12. SGDS secures sustainable production consumption form.

13. SGDS takes emergency measures to mitigate climate change and its impact.

14. SGDS conserves marine and marine resources for sustainable development and uses it in a sustainable manner.

15. SGDS will protect terrestrial ecosystems, promote sustainable use, manage sustainable forests, deal with desertification, and prevent and restore land degradation and loss of biodiversity.

16. SGDS will promote a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development, provide access to judicial access to all people, and build effective and accountable and comprehensive institutions at all levels.

17. SGDS will strengthen implementation measures for sustainable development and revitalize global partnership.


The United Nations is trying to achieve the above 17 objectives by 2030.


The Japanese Government Promotes Efforts toward Achieving SGDs Keidanren also

The main feature of SDGs is that it aims to solve global issues including not only developing countries but also developed countries, and not only for national and public agencies, but also for all organizations including companies It is supposed to work on it, and so on.

The Japanese Government established the SDGs Promotion Headquarters in May 2016 to achieve SDGs.
Through the formulation of implementation guidelines and action plans, we show the idea that private fund companies' funds and technology are necessary to achieve SDGs.

Following the movement of the Japanese government, the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) revised the Charter of Corporate Behavior in November 2017.
As a result of this revision, Keidanren member companies are required to promote efforts to achieve SGDs not only for their own companies but also for companies that form their own group companies and supply chains.


In other words.
In order to achieve SGDs, companies need to incorporate possible actions into their "business strategy", including their own company, their own group, their business partners and others.

"There is economic growth where investment concentrates"

Goro believes that word.


Even in equity investment, sustainable impact investment has expanded remarkably, I think that it is necessary to think about investing in this wave as an investor.
Because the world economy is growing where capital flows, that is, where investments and capital concentrate.
The fact that the UN stands for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) means (worldwide) that the world will go in this direction.
I think whether there is an investment method that can take advantage of this trend.


iShares MSCI USA ESG Select ETF (SUSA)


SUSA 1 year chart

In recent years, sustainable finance and impact investment have significantly expanded.

In particular, institutional investors who hold large amounts of investment funds are driving demand for sustainable investment to the world, according to the World Sustainable Investment Federation, the market size reached US $ 23 trillion in 2016.


Including huge funds and wealthy people, this trend will continue to expand.

Investment targets that sustainable impact investment places at the top are reducing risk, diversifying the portfolio, and raising attractive returns. And the most important point is "bring change to the world".

To do that, a careful approach is needed for stock selection.
For sustainable investment based on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors, we first exclude companies that are contrary to norms. Then, for ESG, I think that this approach can be achieved by choosing a company with the highest class rating.
In Yahoo Finance (US edition), you can check the ESG score in the "Sustainability" item when searching ticker.
For example,
MSFT: For Microsoft, the ESG score is 74 points, which is the SUSA inclusion brand.

If you do ESG investment, I think that SUSA that you can quickly select stocks with a high ESG score and can also make diversified investments.
In the past ten years the value has increased from nearly $ 40 to the current 110 dollars, 2.75 times.

The investment method aiming for a sustainable world should literally change the world and benefit investors in terms of return on investment.


Take the risk or Lose the chance.


Thank you for your support of Goro!